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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift that Won't Break the Bank

There are only a few weeks until cupid arrives which means restaurants are taking reservations calls, florists are working 16 hour days and all the chocolate on the shelves will be gone by February 13. All of those gifts are great but are you looking for something really unique and thoughtful? Of course you are! Who doesn’t love seeing their partner come to tears of joy when they open the perfect gift. 

This valentine’s day, give your loved one the perfect gift; a piece of customized, handpicked jewelry, that won’t break the bank. Josie and Sons offers a variety of affordable accessories in many styles so whether your partner likes necklaces, earrings or bracelets, she has you covered! 

Two of my favorite pieces are the personalized bangles and the rose gold necklace. The personalized bangles are perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. You choose the type of bangle you want (gold or silver), then the word or phrase you want on it and you’re done! It’s that easy. The bangles are perfect for wearing every day and match every style. Style tip: layer them for a super trendy look that will work for the office or running errands. 

The rose gold necklace is a timeless and affordable piece. This pendant is not only beautiful, but it matches with so many outfits, making an accessory that can be worn daily. On weekends, I love pairing this necklace with skinny jeans, pumps and a tee. The shimmer from the gemstone is so pretty that it stands alone perfectly; I don’t need to add any other accessories. During the week, I pair this necklace with a pencil skirt, blouse and strappy heels for the ultimate corporate look. 

This Valentine’s Day, buy your loved one a gift that will last a lifetime AND won’t cost you a fortune. Josie and Sons carries quality accessories at an affordable price that your partner – and bank account- will love. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

written by: Tara Parachuk

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